Friday, June 15, 2012

When a tree comes down...

 A couple of weeks ago lightening struck our tree and a quarter of it fell down. We we stuck with the question of "What to do...?" The answer finally came to us...LETS MAKE A FIRE PITT!! Yay! Little did we know just how much work it would take. The picture above shows a little bit of our clean up effort. (We were piling up the brush into the back of my brother's truck to drag it to the other side of our yard)

 After about 4 hours of work this is what it looked like.

One pile of our log stacks. You couldn't even imagine how hard it is to lug a bunch of huge logs across the yard by
We put the smaller logs and the kindling in a separate pile close to the fire pit.

The picture above shows our finished fire pit, with our log seats :). Pretty, huh?

This is just a random shot of part of our yard.

Lessons learned:
- You can make use of anything
- It darn hard work cleaning up a lightning struck tree
- Big logs make great seats!
- Spiders love the wood

Just wanted to share with you all!


  1. Hee hee, spiders do indeed love wood (unfortunately). Your firepit setup is very neat, I love your log seats. Nature theme is very relaxing, keep it up!

    -Tony Salmeron

  2. Sorry to see the tree or any part of it come down. This tree has given us lots of memories. Women in the family use to come and bring their laundry to that tree and use the water from the well in the yard that supplied several families close by. Mainly the Presley's since the area was known as Presley Hollow. This part of the farm was once owned by George Presley Sr. and later four and a half acres and a very small house was given to the Great Grand Father of Shawn Presley for him to raise his family there which was added to while he owned it. Later, years after his death, it was bought by Larry Presley. A few years later, it was bought by my husband (which is the grand son of George Presley Sr. and the son of George Presley Jr.) and I to raise our family their. Many precious memories their good! The first rememberance of the tree for our family was when we bought our first cow and she had the pink eye. We built her a corral around the tree and we would doctor her eye until it was well. She was then moved out to the field. Later is was shade for the sheep as the day grew hot. It was also a nice, cool place to go and husking corn after gathering 50 dozen at a time and getting hot in the corn field. I especially remember the swing hanging from the tree and our children and the children of the neighborhood taking turns on the swing. Yes, lots of memories flash through my mind both of what I have seen with my eyes and memories of other family members from this tree of many, many years, that can never be replaced of the Presley generations.

  3. DreamOnCinderella

  4. I think "Build a fire pit!" is an appropriate answer to pretty much any question.

    Q: "What do you want for dinner?"
    A: "Build a fire pit!"

    See? It works. Oh, btw, your fire pit looks fantastic :)


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