July Bash!

Come one! Come all! To The Random Life's July 4th Bash!!!!

Make sure you grab the event button on the Right side of the blog because that gives you 10 EXTRA entries into the giveaways!!

Pretty much all of the sponsors have been lined up!
Giveaways and Reviews by:

Anna's Spices

Clay's Crafts & Candle Creations

More coming soon!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. hi Katie...did you receive the print? Couldn't find you on Etsy...so am writing here :-)

  3. Did you receive everything for Mr. Kay's BBQ sauce and Salsa?

  4. Hhmm . . Am I missing something? What happened to the 4th Of July Bash? Has anyone else been contacted by Katie?

  5. Nope,

    The date for my review was supposed to be July 2. No clue what happened

  6. I sent my stuff in and have heard nothing.... Ive sent at least 4 emails

  7. Guess we got the shaft

  8. I have sent numerous emails...she is not even on Etsy anymore???

    1. I noticed that too - not on Etsy. Not a good sign, I guess!

  9. Interesting to find these messages! I sent Katie three upcycled shaker boxes and quite a few hand-covered picture mats and haven't heard a thing. I've e-mailed as well and unfortunately have had no response.

    Katie, if you read this and at some time decide to honor the giveaway you mentioned, please know that I won't be participating at this point. If you want to honor it, please send the extra photo/picture mats that I spent time making for you to review. Sweetpotatojack

  10. Katie...this is officially a "bad" comment. I think what you have done is very rude.


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